How Do I Change The Battery In My Transmitter (Remote Control)?

One would think this could be an “easy fix.” But if you’ve never closely studied your garage door operator’s transmitter (also called the remote control) it can be somewhat daunting.

Never fear! We have some great tips and even a video that can help you out. But remember, these are simply some guidelines. We always suggest you refer to your owner’s manual for the manufacturer’s complete list of instructions.

Things you will need: (Liftmaster, Chamberlain, Sears, Craftsman models to name a few)

  • Flat-head screw driver and/or the visor clip for your transmitter
  • A little bit of patience

Inspect the perimeter or seams of the transmitter. There should be a notch, or a place that is bigger / wider in the seam. Use either the flat head screw driver or the edge of the visor clip at an angle to pop it open.

Inside you should see a battery. Remove the battery. Insert the new battery (positive side up). Snap the transmitter back together.

For a more visual approach to these instructions click here:

Other Manufacturers:

Things you may need:

  • Flat-head screw driver (or)
  • Philips-head screw driver

Inspect the perimeter or seams of the transmitter. There may be a small, seemingly inconspicuous Philips or Flat head screw. Use either (where appropriate) to release the seal of the screw.

Inside you should see a battery. Most likely a 9v will be inside. However there may be others used depending on manufacturer and model. There should be an indicator inside the transmitter showing the positive-negative direction placement.

Once the new battery is inserted, simply reassemble the transmitter and you’re good-to-go!

Some Additional Options:

While these instructions can be helpful, there are times when a little further assistance may be necessary. You are welcome to bring in your transmitter and we can help you. We also have batteries available if you find that more convenient.

Another option is to arrange for your annual Tune-Up. Remember, your garage door and operator constitute the largest piece of moving equipment in your home! Yet many of us rarely (if ever) think of scheduling maintenance. At your annual tune-up we can do the following:

  • 20-Point Safety Inspection of the Door and Operator
  • Lubrication
  • Adjustments (including nuts/bolts/safety sensor brackets)
  • Change lightbulbs in the operator unit on the ceiling
  • Change batteries in transmitters and keyless entry systems (aka exterior keypad)

It’s just that simple. We’ll take care of the labor, know-how, and inconvenience.

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