Curb Appeal: The Battle of the “Snout House”

Chances are, you’ve seen the Snout House, but you didn’t know what it is. You may even have one! Most of us do…So what is it?

A Snout House is a home that has the garage protruding from the front elevation. This causes the garage to actually take up the majority of the home’s street-view frontage.

Previously, in days gone by, the front with the entrance and porch of the home was closest to the curb. The garage was behind the house, or adjacent to the home via a driveway or alley. Starting back in the 70’s-80’s common urban development styles changed. The garage (and the garage door) was accessed via the front of the home. This changed our neighborhood’s curb focus or curb appeal.

There’s nothing wrong with the Snout House design. It offers us homeowners many opportunities to make a design statement with one purchase: your garage door! What other item can be purchased – just one item – immediately changing the welcoming tone of a home? Before anyone even enters your home you have the opportunity to present your creativity.

There are many options in a multitude of price ranges available to shape your vision. From a fresh color, a new panel style, or a simple row of windows you have the ability to make a statement. The good news is that statement doesn’t have to break the bank!

We at Madison Overhead Garage Door Services offer design and consultative services to help you choose your best image! After all, it’s our goal to bring your vision to life. We offer free in-home estimates, online design services, and showroom consultations.

Call now, and we’ll help your house welcome you home!

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