What Should I Look for in a Garage Door Service and Repair Company?

Does your garage door or opener need repair? Trying to find a reputable garage door repair company can be daunting! Especially since garage door and opener repairs are an infrequent need. To help you find the best service at the best value consider the following tips:

Do your research: Make sure a company has a good reputation. Check Angie’s List, Yelp, and other reputation points. Beware of companies that have too many bad reviews or complaints – it could be a point of concern.

You should also be wary of companies that do not have a business location in our area. Out of area companies with no local ties are fraught with possible negative outcomes. You’ll want to make sure whatever company you choose is closely tied to our community.

Be home: If you can be home when your service technician is to arrive that is best. That way you can see the work performed. Another plus to being home when your work is performed is being able to ask your technician any maintenance tips and questions. There’s a lot you can learn from a helpful technician!

Having said that, there are times based on the urgent nature of some repairs, you may not be able to be home. If that is the case, make sure you are available by phone during the appointment time. This way you can ask your technician every question and ensure all will be done to your satisfaction.

Ask your friends and neighbors: Friends and neighbors are an excellent source of referrals. Find out what company they’ve used in the past and their experiences.

Things to be cautious of:

No physical location: Companies that have no physical address open to the public are a possible scam! Some less than reputable businesses will have telephone numbers and websites but no actual office / showroom. A phone number without a local storefront is a big warning sign!

Generic business names: Does the company answer the phones “Service” or “Garage door service”? That could be a company operating under several business names attempting to do something untoward. If this happens, you should consider calling another company.

No uniform or identifiable trucks: A truly reputable company WANTS to be easily identifiable. Their technicians should be clearly associated with the company they are representing. Without that identification there’s a chance that company is “fly by night.”

High pressure sales tactics: A reputable service and repair company will NOT attempt to coerce you into excessive work. Companies that charge exorbitant fees and pressure to make decisions quickly is not helping you.

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