Rollin’ With The Rollers – What Are “Rollers”?

One question our field service technicians hear frequently is “What are rollers?” and the follow up question is “Why should I care about the rollers?” Both are actually great questions!

The rollers are the wheels that run vertically inside the channel of the vertical track. In other words, the rollers “roll” in the track of the door. They travel vertically along the X axis, curve, then run parallel along the Y axis as the door sits horizontally.

If your door’s rollers become worn or the shaft is not secure to the wheel, what do you think happens? The garage door has a harder and harder time traveling up and down. What do you think happens as one or two rollers become worn? Those failing rollers put pressure on other rollers, which then become worn. The cycle then continues affecting the entire set.

What other parts are affected? As you know, if the door is struggling to go up and down it creates more than normal wear and tear on the operator. This could affect the gears inside the motor even straining the motor itself.

What happens if the rollers become too damaged? If rollers become too damaged, or even break, the garage door will not go up and down properly. The door could even go down at an angle, or “crooked.” This often causes bending or warping the actual garage door sections. The rollers could come out of the track entirely, allowing no support of the door sections in either the up or down position.

There are a few parts that can actually cause your door to become “stuck” in effect trapping you in your garage. Rollers are one of those essential pieces of hardware!

The number one goal of maintenance: avoiding costly repairs at a later date. Since your garage door is the largest piece of moving equipment in your home, regular maintenance is essential.

Ask your professional Madison Overhead Garage Door Services technician to see the difference. Once you have a comparable visual, you’ll never look at your garage door rollers the same again!

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