Garage Door Safety – What’s It All About?

The following is a helpful list – but not all inclusive – of some things to watch out for in Garage Door Safety:

  • Do it yourself, hmmmm? – Installing an overhead garage door is not a task for the novice do-it-yourselfer. It can be both dangerous and frustrating! DASMA (Door and Access System Manufacturers Association) recommend that only trained technicians install new garage doors.
  • Is your door struggling? – A door that does not go up and down smoothly is a door with a problem. That problem will not get better. However, it WILL get worse. A struggling door could indicate a balance problem with the spring system. Springs are dangerous and should only be repaired by a trained technician.
  • Do you hear squeaking or squealing? – A door that has “screeching” or “squealing” or “squeaking” noise is a door that is binding and definitely out of balance. This can cause problems with other essential components. Due to the dangerous nature of garage door springs and other parts under tension, only a trained professional technician should repair springs and other parts subject to tension.
  • Watch your fingers (Finger Safety) – Never put your fingers between the sections of a garage door! Every year, unsuspecting homeowners are injured by this seemingly innocent placement. Yes, most garage doors have automatic openers. However on occasion you may need to manually lift the door. DASMA (Door and Access Systems Manufacturer Association) recommends door handles be available. If you open your garage door manually use either the safety handles or the safe gripping points!
  • Man the Manual – Keep the owner’s manuals for your door and opener hanging near the door for easy reference. Every model of door and opener has specific safety instructions unique to that model. Where is your manual?
  • Regular Service – Although it is recommended you check and lubricate your garage door monthly, often it is a recommendation that “falls through the cracks” of our busy every-day lives. That’s why it’s even more important to have at least an annual maintenance of your garage door and opener. You should use a trained garage door professional annually for optimum performance and equipment life expectancy.
  • What’s the deal with cables? – Visually inspect your door’s cables! These are the cables that run parallel with the vertical track. Frayed cables are cables in danger of breaking causing injury! Another “quick tip” regarding cables: look for surface rust that could corrode the structural integrity of your cables. Due to the nature of high spring tension, it is recommended that only a trained garage door professional replace cables.
  • Rollin’ with the Rollers – The wheels in the track that insert through the door’s hinges allowing the door to flow smoothly up and down are called “rollers.” The meeting point of the actual wheel and the shaft can become loose over time. This can be due to normal wear and tear, as well as being subject to the occasional excessive pressure. (aka someone bumping or hitting the door with a vehicle). If the rollers are not tight to their shaft, or wobbly, that can cause excessive wear on the other moving pieces of your door. Make sure your garage door technician checks these rollers when performing the annual tune-up!

Madison Overhead Garage Door Services offers various annual maintenance plans to fit every homeowner’s comfort level. Call and inquire today, we’re happy to help!

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