Top 10 Questions We Are Asked MOST Often (For New Overhead Door Installation)

What is the lifespan of a garage door? OR How long does a garage door typically last?

This can vary greatly. It depends on the quality of the door components for one. The frequency of use is another factor. Of course, climate is another consideration. The average life span for a new overhead door is between 15 to 20+ years. A steel + steel (a sandwich door with steel on the interior and exterior with insulation filling in between) typically offers a lifetime warranty on the sections. Steel + Insulation (a door with steel on the exterior and a light filling of insulation visible from the interior) typically offers a 15 year warranty on the sections.

If a door has ever been hit or bumped with a vehicle, it can decrease the life expectancy of a door dramatically.

Another important factor dictating the lifespan of an overhead garage door is maintenance! A garage door that has been properly maintained has a much higher useful life than an overhead door that has been neglected.

Do I need an insulated door?

No one wants to spend money needlessly. That’s why this question is an important one.

The short answer: most likely.

If the garage is detached, and un insulated, then a non insulated garage door is probably adequate. However, when we opt for a non insulated overhead door, you want to make sure you never have any intentions of insulating that garage.

If you have any rooms next to or above the garage you will want an insulated overhead garage door. The insulation does protect those adjoining rooms from extreme heat and drafts. It also protects against unnecessary energy loss.

Another point to consider is structural integrity. An insulated garage door does offer additional strength and durability for the door’s overall performance.

The final factor to consider with regards to insulation: we do live in Wisconsin. One of the many benefits to the garage is avoiding the extreme heat and cold we are subjected to based on our various seasons. An insulated garage door will help you with initial comfort level that first time we get in the car!

If insulated, should I go with Polystyrene or Polyurethane?

Polyurethane offers a more dense material at the same or similar thickness as the polystyrene. This polyurethane material offers better thermal performance than polystyrene. For example, a 2” thick door in polystyrene offers a 9.0 R-Value. That same thickness (2”) in polyurethane offers an 18.4 R-Value. Double the protection for the same thickness.

Should I put windows in the garage door?

Windows in an overhead garage door offer both light and a more pleasing appearance for your garage. If there are no other windows in the garage, a row of windows is both practical and aesthetically pleasing. It is literally “night and day difference” – taking a garage from dark and dreary to light and airy.

Windows also offer the opportunity to marry the overall harmony of the home’s design with the overhead garage door. Colonial styles, Frank Lloyd Right, Prairie, Deco, Carriage House and many more designs are available.

Metal or a wood overhead garage door?

There are benefits and drawbacks to each material. Metal garage doors offer a lower maintenance ownership experience. Metal doors also offer the highest R-Values.

Wood doors are sometimes preferred for their natural and “purist” appearance. Some homeowners appreciate the sense of accomplishment associated with periodic finishing and care of a real wood species.

As a compromise, there are multiple composite and finish materials that allow for a “wood look” without the commitment of actual wood maintenance.

Most of our customers are pleasantly surprised, no matter their preference, with the MANY options available within each material!

How large should I make my garage door frame? Or How should I prepare the overhead garage door frame?

The opening of the garage (for the overhead garage door) should correspond to the height and width of the door. For example, if a door is 16×7, the rough opening should be 16×7. If the door is a 9×7, the rough opening should be 9×7.

The next piece of that puzzle is the headroom Headroom is something we reference which measures the radius of turn allowed for the door to go from vertical to horizontal. We would be looking for the available room allowing for the spring system, the track radius, and the overall height the door would rest when in the up (or open) position.

When preparing your garage door frame, it is best to call us for a free consultation.

How long does it take to get a new overhead garage door?

Not as long as you think! If you have a stock (or standard) door preference and size, we can typically accommodate a fast installation preference. Depending on scheduling, we can often install a door in as little as a few days. A special order product can take up to 3 – 5 weeks.

We do our very best to accommodate our customers. We know that not having a garage door is an inconvenience. In the depth of our Wisconsin Winter, being without your overhead door is almost a crisis. We do everything we can to solve that problem quickly for you!

How long does the actual installation take?

Most installations (standard size, etc.) can be completed in only ½ a day. We typically schedule for arrival either first thing in the morning, with the job completing early afternoon. Or we schedule for arrival early afternoon and finish at the end of the work day.

It is not necessary that you stay home for the entire installation. We understand your time is valuable. That’s why we do our best to make the installation process as smooth as possible.

How much does a garage door cost?

That is an important question. For a standard double car (16’ wide) steel garage door you can expect around $1,000-$1,300. However, this cost can range much higher depending on door material, R-Value, windows, design, and possible premium finishes.

The best “answer” to that question: we have a garage door to fit every budget!

Did this list answer your important questions?

We certainly hope this brief list provided you at least a minimum of clarification. If there are any other questions you have we have multiple ways to answer. You can call us or email us at

Feel free to use our Design A Door Center on our website: Design Your Garage Door

Our Design-A-Door Center allows you to upload a photo of your home. Then you can choose a style of door that best suits you!

We offer free in home estimates and/or you can stop in our Showroom located in McFarland, WI.

We are here to help you find the perfect door that complements your design style and budget!

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