Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Doing your own repairs on your garages and openers is not suggested. One question that you need to ask yourself is: Am I willing to put my family and mine own safety at risk in order to repair a door?

When you are looking for an overhead garage door company, your primary concern should be if there are experienced, considerate, and have a large selection of equipment and jobs that you are searching for.

Chances are you use your garage door more than you even use your front door. Because of this you should look to have your garage door worked on or at least examined once a year. Business with us at Madison Overhead Garage Door means that you will receive our special 21-point protection examination included in our inspection.

Most of the time on a simple repair will suffice for the minor problems. However if your door is damaged such as dents or cracks then you will need a new replacement.

When determining this question, check these 3 things:

  1. Is the door easily lifted manually with only one hand? If it is too hard, then you should call in for a repair.
  2. Is the door balanced? To check for this you lift the door physically. If your door is in working condition then you will be able to put the door is any position and it should stay in that spot and not fall to the ground. If it does fall, you should make a service call to increase your operators life.
  3. Does light show around the edges of the closed garage door?If yes, then call in for a repair.

Yes, it is your garage door and operating making those noises. These noises are a strong sign that you need to make a service call in order to repair your garage door.

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