Help! My Garage Door is Crooked / Off-Track / Stuck!

If you’ve ever had that experience, you won’t soon forget it!

We’ve heard it described as the following: crooked, catty-wampus, off track, falling off, jammed and many others. It looks ALARMING to a homeowner! When your overhead door looks like that, it’s natural to immediately assume the worst has happened. Worst meaning you think you need a whole new door. Immediately the thought of that sort of unexpected expense makes an already upsetting situation almost unbearable.

Good news, all is not lost! Most often it’s a repairable situation. Repairable at a fraction of what a new garage door would cost.

What happened? Either the cables broke, or came off the drum.

Why? Sometimes simply due to normal wear and tear. Most often it’s due to fraying and eventual breakage of the cable(s) from corrosion.

The cables on your garage door are under an enormous amount of tension. Picture your cables as the “arms” of your garage door. Those “arms” on the either side “lift” the door evenly from closed to open (and back again). If one of those “arms” breaks, the other still lifts, causing the door to raise or lower unevenly. Yikes!

Here’s a visual of what your cables “should” look like. If they look smooth, clean, and un-frayed odds are you’re in good shape. However, if those cables look “bad” you will be experiencing an inconvenient situation…soon.

Call Madison Overhead Garage Door Services!

Our service and repair technicians are highly trained in cable replacement and inspection. A little preventative maintenance today can save larger repair costs and emergencies later.

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