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Garage Door Repair & Service

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Garage Door Repair & Service

It's important to deal with well trained and manufacturer authorized installation / repair technicians.

People have a certain level of expectation that when they enter their garage that they will be able to get in and out easily. A technician can certainly help a homeowner find the right accessories and parts to be truly helpful. It makes sense to learn about different manufacturers of garage door openers out there including Genie (also known as Overhead Door) as well as the dozens of other possibilities. Garage doors and openers are something we rely on for consistent use. The right parts and the right garage door repair company selection can be the difference between reliable performance…and unsatisfactory performance.

Automatic Operator Systems

You expect your garage door to go up and not get stuck. A remote control can be extremely difficult to program and you need to find a great technician that can help you with different electronics. Our technicians are well trained and ready to assist you in programming your remote controls, HomeLink® systems, and keyless entry systems. Also, if you’ve ever heard an alarming buzzing sound…or the door only goes up partially and then gets stuck…or if the door tries to open and the door is crooked and the rollers (or wheels) are falling out…or if you hear a grinding noise you need a professional garage door repair technician.

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Security and Safety

A garage door professional needs to know how to work with different security systems and safety measures. It makes sense to be able to find a team that truly understands the importance of dealing with these various challenges. A repair team can verify whether a garage door opener is going to be a crucial part of a homeowner’s security system or fail when you need it most. There are multiple safety measures integrated within overhead door and operator systems. These measures include the safety sensors (also called safety eyes and eyebeams), pressure limits, travel limits and force adjustments…just to name a few. If you are experiencing problems with these systems, you want a trained professionals help.

Consultants vs. Repair Technicians

It is very important that you hire experienced and reliable repair professionals. The process of dealing with your Garage can be frustrating if a customer wants to be able to move forward quickly with repair or replacement. A garage needs to be easy to access as a homeowner. Because we are a family owned & operated business, we are able to act as consultants in addition to offering reliable repair services.

We are ready and able to advise you on your options:

Customers need to be aware of their options…often a repair can be done at a significant savings compared to a complete door replacement.

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