How Do I Program My Keyless Entry Keypad?

You will need a ladder to access your motor hanging in the center of the ceiling. Most find it helpful to have an additional person to assist with these steps.

These steps are meant as a guide. As always, you should refer to your manufacturer specific owner’s manual for more detailed instructions.

For LiftMaster (Chamberlain / Sears)

There are times when you may need to program your four digit Personal Identification Number (PIN) for your exterior keyless entry. For most models, programming your Liftmaster (Chamberlain / Sears / Craftsman) is quite simple! Below are some highlighted instructions.

First, locate your operator’s Learn button.

  • This is located on the same side as the antenna. You should see that antenna hanging down. (you may need to remove the light cover).
    • This Learn button may be purple, yellow, orange, red or green. There will be a small LED next to it.
  • Press and release the learn button.


You may have a MyQ Operator. In that case, use the MyQ Control Panel.

  • Press the Learn button TWICE

Within 30 Seconds, enter your 4 digit PIN (Personal Identification Number) then press ENTER. The operator’s overhead light will blink and the LED indicator light will turn off – this lets you know the programming was completed successfully!

Test out your PIN. To do this enter your four digit PIN. The door should open. If not, repeat the steps above.

For Genie & Overhead Door Models (Intellicode)

First Steps:

  • Fully open your sliding keypad cover – make sure it latches!
  • Press 3-5-7
  • Press “PROG.” (the red light should blink)
  • Enter your Personal Identification Number (aka PIN)
  • Press “PROG” again. (the red light will blink fast)
  • Close the cover – make sure you’ve closed it completely

Second Steps

  • Gently press and release the Learn Code button located on the back of the motor hanging in the center of the ceiling. This is a small black button located behind the lens cover nearest the antenna. Pressing that button a LED light will start blinking red for 30 seconds.
  • Enter your PIN number after pressing the Learn Code button WHILE the LED light is blinking.
  • Press “SEND” two times for your system to “learn” your frequency and PIN.
  • Press “SEND” to test your programming.

Hopefully you find these tips helpful! However if these steps along with your operator’s owner’s manual do not work, you may need the assistance of a service technician. Should you need further assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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