Why Do I Have Snow and/or Water in My Garage?

In the Wisconsin winter, we all get some snow in our garage from time to time. It’s impossible to avoid it entirely. However if there is an excessive amount of snow (or water) in your garage, that is not normal. Another circumstance that falls under the realm of “need to look into” for a homeowner is excessive and recent temperature changes in the garage.

The weather seal, or trim, that extends around the vertical sides and horizontal top of the door are one of the components designed to prevent energy loss. This weather seal is also called “perimeter frame weather-stripping.” This seal is incredibly important. It stops energy loss / penetration around the perimeter of the door.

The other type of weather seal is called “U-Shaped Bottom Weather-stripping.” We also refer to it as “bottom rubber” or “bottom seal.” This seal can offer forgiveness in certain circumstances for uneven concrete. It also can stop snow and water from penetrating the garage via the meeting point between the garage door and the floor.

As important as these two items are they are often neglected. It is referred to as a “wear item.” Meaning these essential components of your overhead door need to be inspected annually. This inspection can be done by the homeowner, or a garage door professional, depending on the homeowner’s comfort level. As time goes on, the flexible nature of these components allow them to become brittle and less effective.

Besides normal wear and tear, another component of efficient weather seal is installation. It is a qualified garage door professional who helps you get the most out of your door’s energy efficiency. The best and highest R-Value in an overhead door can have little impact if the weather seal is not installed properly.

A good parallel for your mental picture is the gasket around your refrigerator door. If that seal is not doing its job, it doesn’t matter how wonderful the refrigerator is. Your refrigerator will not stay the optimum temperature!

March is a great time to inspect your weather seal! Our winter’s snow and salt along with bitter temperatures can do a real number on the effectiveness of your weather seal. Before the spring rains (remember April Showers bring May Flowers?) make their way into your garage, you should take a look at this essential piece of your door.

The technician staff at Madison Overhead Garage Door Services are prepared to help you with all of your weather seal needs!

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